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We empower digital workflow journey

ConWare is a significant Czech IT company that has been providing customers with IT services at the high-class since 2010. We are partners of the largest players within IT, such as Microsoft, ServiceNow and IBM. Thanks to these partners, we provide our customers with unequalled solutions. Combined with the experienced professionals ConWare maximizes the value of the IT, customer and employee workflow for each of our customers.

Our unique expertise predetermines us to deliver the high-end solutions developed on the ServiceNow platform and Microsoft technologies. Thanks to our unique knowledge of Self-Hosted solutions, we provide our customers with end-to-end service for their absolute satisfaction. Driven by a vision that combines today's best technologies, we are ready to digitize in the world of cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premise solutions.

Our growing teams of excellent experts are zealous and passionate about technology, our products' quality, and a great customer experience. Our precise work, combined with high expertise, pushes the boundaries of IT usability further.

Radim Tolasz
Radim Tolasz CEO
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