Instance Controller

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Do you have one or more
on premise ServiceNow instances?

...are you facing
following issues?

  • Lack or minimized overview of the environment health.
  • No history of the environment health.
  • Lack of data to investigate slowness or downtime issues.
  • Too many manual work with maintenance of the instances.
  • You are missing automations in instance management which are normally available on ServiceNow HI for cloud instances.
  • Restore of data is possible only as full DB restore.
  • Wasting money on backup storage.


Complete set of instance health state in one dashboard. Charts and trends available for detail analysis. ServiceNow network topology and connectivity monitoring

  • Application node to DNS
  • LB to Application node
  • Node to DB instance
  • End user connectivity check


Handles instance versions, new instance deployment
  • Automated instance cloning
  • Automated instance deployment
  • Automated decommission
  • Fully automated version upgrades
  • Pre-upgrade continual system check (known as pre-flight check)
  • Automated roll-back when anything fails upon request
  • Safety ad-hoc backups (for potential fast rollbacks)
Reconciliation Engine
  • Executing rules on data grabbed by Monitor Engine
  • Detection of anomaly
  • Identification of inappropriate state of instance building blocks
  • Automated recovery procedures


  • Weekly full DB backups
  • Daily incremental backups
  • Maintenance backups (before any significant change or planned upgrade)
  • Ad-hoc backups

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How the Instance Controller helps
Bring automation to your on premise ServiceNow instances. Clone, upgrade, backup or even deploy a new ServiceNow instance fully automatically. Proactive monitoring of all ServiceNow instance components. All required information for issue resolutions is available in one place. Notify administrators based on information received by monitoring, cloning, etc. 

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