ServiceNow® is a cloud-based platform designed to make automated improvements to digital workflows and provide solutions for business processes to prevent any inconveniences.

ServiceNow has helped many satisfied customers to drive a successful digital transformation. Let ServiceNow give you a helping hand and make ServiceNow work for your people. Behind every great experience, there is a great workflow. As the foundation for all digital workflows, the Now Platform connects people, functions, and systems across your organization. Boosting business productivity by delivering workflows making a unique experience for everyone.

ConWare Solutions is a ServiceNow Partner based in the Czech Republic. Our passionate and certified team of consultants shine in all aspects of ServiceNow. Our speciality lies in a unique experience with Cloud and Self-Hosted solutions. Our experience with companies of various sizes and industries will deliver expectational expertise and benefits of the Now Platform. 


Be in charge of your business, gain control of IT chaos and lead the way towards the transformation of your business. ServiceNow IT Workflows enable you to bridge the gap between traditional IT practices and modern business needs. 


The workflows empower your employees to get answers and help anytime and anywhere. Take advantage of simplified employee service delivery to increase productivity within your organization.


Opportunity to create a coherent customer experience from issue to resolution with connected digital workflows. Break down silos, be more proactive and create immediate and immense customer satisfaction. 


Now Platform lays an excellent foundation for you to achieve tremendous success, such as enabling you to deliver workflow apps fast. Handle the control of processes and digitize and automate workflows across the enterprise without any issues.


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