Asset Management of Kooperativa: From Excel Sheets to ServiceNow with ConWare

Asset Management of Kooperativa: From Excel Sheets to ServiceNow with ConWare

Kooperativa used to run IT Asset Management in SAP. Their IT department was overwhelmed with updating Excel sheets or checking if the end-user signed the needed documents. With ConWare help, their technicians can focus on what is important: their job.

When Kooperativa approached ConWare for the implementation of Asset Management within ServiceNow, they had previously experienced two ServiceNow implementation projects that were left unfinished. The customer wished to use ServiceNow to streamline processes handled at that time only on paper with some help of Excel sheets. The processes were on IT assets, mainly mobile devices, laptops, desktops, monitors, etc.

ConWare to Solve Two Major Challenges

As a large company, Kooperativa has a branched structure. Assets can´t simply be handed over from one department to the end user from another organization. To ensure that common HW items were in stock, IT technicians needed to keep Excel sheets up-to-date manually. But the most important thing was to get all stakeholders on board again after two unsuccessful attempts.

Started from Scratch

For the pilot, we have agreed on implementing the following processes: stocking of new assets, liquidation of old and sold assets, and process of ordering new or replacing hardware by end-user. We had to start from scratch: the original design was not fulfilling all the current requirements. To work efficiently in the SN platform, some of the basic attributes of each asset had to be imported into ServiceNow. Based on the agreement, the SAP team published the SOAP web service that contained needed data.

And Brought Benefits

After our implementations, Kooperativa technicians can handle requested items with improved precision where selections of available HW are pre-filtered to eliminate human errors by selecting the wrong HW. Users from the procurement department can keep track of all ongoing purchases. The process allows them to fill in the information once HW has physically arrived at the warehouse (such as IMEI for mobile devices etc.).
Today, IT technicians can focus on their jobs without being overwhelmed with red tape. The company gained a clear overview of available HW per type and department.

Smoothly, Within a Strict Timeline

We used agile development to deliver small increments and get customer feedback instantly to update the design. Result? We kept the agreed timeline. The switch from the old way of working to the new one was implemented without any problems. Both teams did a great job, as there were no major issues.

As even testing cannot discover some minor flaws in the design, we are now working on making the processes even smoother and trying to partially optimize or automate them.

Good Cooperation is Key

From the beginning of this project, it was clear that multiple teams from the customer side would need to actively participate to accomplish our common goal. Project management was handled on a very professional level, and all involved participants had clearly defined tasks with deadlines.
ConWare team of three (architect/scrum master, consultant and developer) was enriched by two junior developers. This way, we gave them an opportunity to work on big customer projects with experienced colleagues. They received guidance and immediate feedback on how to improve in code writing or completely avoid coding by using OOB SN features such as Flow Designer.

SN Was a Smart Choice

Even though the customer wants to continue with SAP as the main system for managing Asset management, utilizing ServiceNow to streamline some of their processes was a very smart choice. The flexibility of the SN platform allowed them to shape their processes (including a 3 level approval process for asset liquidation) and minimize manual work by introducing automation.

And the Project Continues…

After the pilot, where the solution was implemented for IT asset management of two specific subsidiaries, the customer is considering expanding this solution to Non-IT Assets such as office equipment (chairs, desks), art, or cars. If this is successful as well, we might get a green light to implement this solution corporate-wide.

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