ConWare and COVID-19

ConWare and COVID-19

COVID… in the beginning, nobody did not anticipate how those five letters would have severe consequences on daily habits and even daily business. We have witnessed panic and fear in the air, combined with few "mind islands" of people who kept healthy sense. We do not want to say that to take COVID-19 carelessly, by this sentence, but we should take care off or even downplay the situation! We intended to express the importance of rational and calm thinking in such a critical situation, especially in rough times like these. Otherwise, people might struggle as history showed all of us many times! Only strong-minded people or groups of people can make a difficult decision, resulting in a positive impact on customers or the company itself.

ConWare and COVID-19

It's a fair enough to say that ConWare solutions, like plenty of other companies, have been affected by customer's business precautions such as cost savings, terminating projects or allocation of external employees. Discussions about potential projects in some cases have been postponed after summer holidays 2020 and a small amount allocated consultants stopped for the unknown time range. This scenario was obvious since the early outbreak and who thought otherwise could be considered a "fool". 

From another point of view, and proudly said, thanks to the strong partnerships between ConWare solutions and our customers in such unpredictable and questionable times, we have stabilized the cooperations and made our partnerships even stronger! This is the best feedback to the provided effort that can be received and just acknowledging what we were trying to keep as our "trace" behind our work. These feedback types are critical to all of us, and we are more than glad to see that collective effort has borne some fruit!

Like any individual in our company, even we seize each opportunity which can push us forward. Based on this philosophy, a healthy and robust mindset has helped us to handle decisions utilizing the pandemic situation for internal development of our product portfolio. Although our minds can generate many great ideas, sometimes we save those ideas "in a drawer", due to high workload and different priorities, or simply waiting for the right opportunity to bring them up when the time is right. Therefore, we thought, why not now? When the doors are closed, a window is opened. Thereby, we thought, this was a brilliant timing to think out of the box to please our customers and gain an edge on our competitors, so let's use it and rock and roll! 

And lastly, massive shoutout to people in ConWare who are riding with us on the path towards our objectives. 

We are ConWare!