Instance Controller

Instance Controller

Some of you who follow ConWare solutions must already know that we oscillate primarily around ServiceNow a Microsoft (.NET and connected parts) technologies. Moreover, our company image is not just about consultancy, but also about developing and technology designs or proposals for various solutions. During the last few years, we have been developing plenty of software and applications that have helped many customers’ lives and ours on a daily basis. One of those examples can be mentioned our fabulous product called Instance Controller.

Those who are not following us may have a question "What is the Instance Controller about?" So in a nutshell, Instance Controller is a product developed based on our long experience with ServiceNow which runs in "Self-hosted" way. A vast majority of customers prefer to have a ServiceNow instance in their data centre or endemic "iron" where they preserve their sensitive and important information (security, control, data protection and others). It's good to say that Instance Controller capabilities are not limited just for Self-hosted ServiceNow solution but is also worth to say that is addressing mainly to them.

Nevertheless, the company ServiceNow primarily targets a Cloud-based business. Hence, the limitation arises hand in hand with the situation when customers would have prefered Self-hosted philosophy. In addition, some users with ServiceNow Self-hosted experience can confirm a feature deficiency. Thereby, it is evident that some services are limited, not available or simply do not exist within the ServiceNow Self-hosted approach. For example, monitoring, deploying, instance cloning, backup and upgrading are examples of strongly affected features by beforementioned limitations.

Instance Controller

Furthermore, some limiting reasons could be mitigated by customers. However, sometimes, they might find themselves in a vicious circle with their strategy choice or limited access due to security reasons. Moreover, in some cases, ServiceNow strictly does not provide this type of services for Self-hosted solutions.

So, what did we actually do? We seized the opportunity and brought some full use solution to the beforementioned issues. This is exactly what ConWare solutions did and came with a brilliant product called Instance Controller! What was a customer's reaction? "Amazing!" said the customer. One of our customers was so amazed that they even offered their resources for pilot and testing purposes, and the future deal was "on a table". The benefits have been visible from the first pilot.

Once again, our customers' experience and business understanding led us to such achievement, which only proved our capabilities and decision making are more than sufficient. Needless to say that outstanding feedback from our customers like this brings us only feelings of joy and fulfilment and makes us more motivated to push our boundaries further.

Thanks to this success and a great product, we had a chance to directly organize a demo for ServiceNow representatives, surprised by the features covered and the Instance Controller product itself.

We have received a BIG THUMB UP and left the demo session with great feelings.

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