ConWare and internal DEV

ConWare and internal DEV

Developers, Development, SCRUM, Creativity, Project Management, IT4IT, deadlines, milestones, fun, SAFe, happiness…. We can carry on forever to express what we can imagine under the magic word of "Development". The accurate and easy interpretation would be: "Process in which someone or something grows or changes and becomes more advanced".

Within the IT world, development is an inseparable part of people's daily lives or daily business operations, and that's a fact. Human nature is about pushing our borders and limits continually and coming up with innovations, making our lives easier. Humanity would never know things like airplanes, the Internet, televisions, radio, satellites, and other fantastic stuff without going the extra miles. Some of the most vibrating words nowadays are Automation and Artificial Intelligence. We can see a tendency of most companies to be more "automated and smart". All of this is more or less connected with development, and with the people's mindset, there is always space for improvement. And this is precisely the case of ConWare solutions.

Most of our partners and even competitors thought that ConWare is just a consulting company. Some of them even may still think so, but the truth is entirely different. ConWare solutions have been full of great ideas and people with extraordinary inspiration and experience since the beginning. Thanks to this, we were really proud to invest in the internal development of application and solution to help our customers and make our ideas, proposals, suggestions, or drafts shape into something unique. A perfect example can be Instance Controller, where we managed to build up something that eases our customer's lives. A simple idea shaped into complex and fully working applications, combining with a detailed instant overview about ServiceNow instances and plenty of automated processes that make life easier and task execution much faster, and just in 6 months. We can go on with other products from our portfolio, such as Scan Control or application developed precisely based on Customer demands or definitions for their specific use. It's really heartwarming and exciting to see like our teams are making "things" from scratch into something GREAT.

However, there is one crucial thing that people development combat which is EFFECTIVITY. We are all delighted to see when something new arises. But in reality, without any adequate and process management and usage of supporting development instruments, the great ideas are transformed into a "package" full of unfinished and partial features causing more harm than good. To avoid these types of undesired outcomes, ConWare solutions adapted as much as possible to develop principles like SCRUM or SAFe methodology for smooth, effective and constructive development covered by world-proven practices of Project Management by following principles of PRINCE2, IPMA or even supporting tools like MS Projects, JIRA, Agile Development in ServiceNow and others. Needless to say, excellent results can be achieved when applying all mentioned methodologies and principles with the key "ingredient". This ingredient is just straightforward "Farm Thinking". Based on our long development experience, whether complex or straightforward developments/projects, this is what is making hard decision acceptable at the end of the day. This can be a banality for most people, but as we know, in most cases, simple things might be more challenging than expected. 

Proudly to say, we in ConWare are fools when it comes to ideas, proposals, improvements or just dreams which we will, sooner or later, with god willing, bring to life!
So, Let's Play and stay Foolish!